Customer Testimonials

Our customers love the product…
“Our experience with PorterSIPs has been great. The service we have gotten, and the relationships that we have with the sales and customer service people have been outstanding. The quality of the product has also been superior. One thing that has set Porter apart from other SIP manufacturers has been the effort they have put into working with our subcontractors to train them. Their extra effort at training has led to the subs learning the SIP installation process faster. On our last job, our newest framer liked the system so much he is planning on building his own house using SIPs.
PorterSIPs have set us apart from other builders in the area. Our customers love the product as a result of the lower energy costs and fewer quality issues such as drywall cracking due to settling. We have also been able to offer our customers unique panel skin materials. While other builders are concerned about the new, more stringent Michigan energy code, PorterSIPs have allowed us to meet the new energy code without making any changes to the way that we build. We are so thoroughly satisfied, we never want to go back to stick construction.”
-Damian Jarzembowski, Jarzembowski Builders

A product that has exceeded our expectations…
“…We put up our SIPS this weekend. Quite a sturdy little building. You have delivered a product that has exceeded our expectations on cost and quality. Good job. I think I will have to build my next house out of those suckers…”
-Erik Ebersole, Gulbrandsen Chemicals, Inc.

I was impressed with the amount of energy I saved…
When I built my 2300 square foot home in West Michigan out of PorterSIPs panels, I was impressed with the amount of energy I saved. Each year, I have only had to buy 1 1/2 tanks of propane to heat my home, while my neighbors have had to buy 3 or more tanks per year. I leave my house at a consistent temperature of 72 degrees in the winter time when my family is occupying the home. When we’re not there, I turn the thermostat down to 55, but the house stays at a comfortable 64 degrees.
– Andrew Porter, Porter Corp.